Devrent Valley

Devrent valley is located between Urgup-Avanos road. The camel-shaped fairy chimney that has been formed naturally has become one of the most well-known pictures of Cappadocia region. Devrent Valley is also known as Imagination Valley or Pink Valley because of its' color. The valley does not have cave churches like the other valleys of Cappadocia, but it has incredible lunar landscape with very different fairy chimneys feeling like they do not belong to this world.

Devrent Valley is not a valley that people lived for centuries or been inhabited, so it is not possible to see many cave churches or chapels. You will instead see a lunar landscape and there are many animal shaped rocks that makes you think that you are actually in a zoo. Some of the most important, or the easiest seen animal shapes are camel, snake, seals, and dolphins. It is also possible to find much more interesting shapes depending on your imagination. It is little hard to get to the valley though. There is no local transportation to get to the valley, so you may need to rent a car or join a group tour to see the valley