Devrent Valley

The Devrent Valley was used as a backdrop in the Asmalı Konak series, which was shot and loved in Cappadocia many years ago. The camel-shaped fairy chimney has become one of the most well-known of the valley of Cappadocia. The fairy chimney reminiscent of the camel, every visitor to the Devrent Valley was visited by the fence surrounded by the fence to avoid being destroyed. Like the fairy chimney, there are many fairy chimneys in the Devrent Valley. You can also see a caravan mounted behind a camel, a seal that has been too far away from the water, birds, horses, and rabbits; just like the Virgin Mary, who opened her hands, like the baby Jesus, people in Napoleon hats. It's all about your imagination.

Although the name of the valley means kalabalık deep pothole and cliff masal, it is not eerie, but rather crowded like a fairy-tale plateau, quiet to watch the night-born bear, as fascinating as any other land. The other end of the valley structure, which resembles the or U kadar shape, extends to the other end of the valley. In the middle part is Paşabağı and Zelve. Contrary to Zelve Valley, a settlement has not been established in the Devrent Valley. Unlike the valleys in the Cappadocia region, the walking area is limited in the valley, but rather similar to thousands of different objects are fairy chimneys.

Devrent Valley is otherwise called Imagination Valley or Pink Valley due to its shading. The valley does not have give in places of worship like alternate valleys of Cappadocia, however it has fantastic lunar scene with altogether different pixie fireplaces. Devrent Valley isn't a valley that individuals lived for a considerable length of time or been occupied, so it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to see many buckle holy places or churches. You will rather observe a lunar scene and there are numerous creature molded rocks that makes you believe that you are quite a zoo. Probably the most vital, or the least demanding seen creature shapes are camel, snake, seals, and dolphins. It is likewise conceivable to discover considerably more fascinating shapes relying upon your creative ability.