Guzelyurt Village

Guzelyurt (meaning "beautiful land" in Turkish) or Gelveri in Greek is one of the most interesting villages in Cappadocia even though it is not visited too much by the people. By the end of 19th century, the town had a composed population with many Christian Orthodox families. The houses were actively used until 1924 when population exchange had happened between Greeks and Turks. All the Christian citizens from this town and all over Turkey had to leave their country to Greece as well as all the Turkish Muslim citizens in Greece had to move out from Greece to Turkey because of the same population compulsory. According to the officials, about 1.2 million Christians left Turkey while about 600.000 people came from Greece.

Guzelyurt has numerous church, however the most amazing one is the Church of Saint Gregorius Ologos Nazianzus. The church dates back to 385, the earliest church ever known in Cappadocia region.. St. Gregory or Gregorius was one of the three Fathers of Cappadocia who served to spread Christianity in Ihlara Valley and Guzelyurt area. The church has been restored a few times and lastly converted into a mosque after 1924.