Guzelyurt Village

Guzelyurt (signifying "delightful land" in Turkish) or Gelveri in Greek is a standout amongst the most intriguing towns with regards to Cappadocia. By the start of twentieth century, the town had a made populace with numerous Christian Orthodox families. The houses were effectively utilized until 1924 when populace trade had occurred among Greeks and Turks.All the Christian residents from this town and all over Turkey needed to leave their nation to Greece just as all the Turkish Muslim natives in Greece needed to move out from Greece to Turkey in view of a similar populace obligatory. As per the authorities, about 1.2 million Christians left Turkey while about 600.000 individuals originated from Greece.

The general population originating from Greece were obliged in the places of Greek villagers who left their towns. As the quantity of individuals touching base to the town was substantially less than the general population left from the town, the greater part of the houses were relinquished and no one is as yet utilizing these houses. The greater part of the houses were sadly left to the leniency of the climate for quite a long time.

Guzelyurt has numerous places of worship, however the most imperative one is the Church of Saint Gregorius Ologos Nazianzus. The congregation is going back to 385, which is turned out to be the most punctual church at any point known in Cappadocia locale. St. Gregory or Gregorius was one of the three Fathers of Cappadocia who served to enhance Christianity a great deal in Ihlara Valley and Guzelyurt zone. The congregation has been reestablished a few times lastly changed over into a mosque after 1924. It is conceivable to visit this congregation and perceive how huge theChristian populace was once in the town.