Hot Air Balloon Flights, Cappadocia Balloon Flights


Standart Balloon Flights (1 hour) - Cappadocia Balloon tours
Standard flights range between 100 Euro up to 250 Euro for every individual, and the number of travelers in a single container ranges from 8 up to 36 individuals in these flights. The flights take about 1 hour for standard flights. As the cost for flight gets lower, the number of travelers per basket will get higher.

The morning begins before the first light of day. You will be picked up by our private van from your hotel to the launch site, a location selected by the pilots each morning based on the day's wind patterns. Upon arrival, tea and coffee are served as well as a light pastry while the crew finishes the final flight preparations. Once the balloon is inflated and upright, you climb into the basket for an experience of a lifetime. The flight time is between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes. After you land, you will be offered some champagne or other drinks to celebrate the flight. You will get your commemorative flight certificate as well:) Then, we will drop you of  to your hotel as well. 

The baskets are for a maximum of 24 people which are originally designed for 28 people, meaning that you will have more space on the basket. 

We are organizing our flights with Brothers Balloon. Brothers Balloon is founded by Korukcu brothers, offering an exceptional hot-air balloon ride experience in the lands they were born. They are the owner of our travel agency as well.

The rate for the standard balloon flight will be 100 Euro per person with cash payment or 110 Euro per person with credit card payment until 31st March.. The rate will be 180 Euro per person between 01st April and 30th April. Beginning by 01st May until 31st October, the rate willl be 200 Euro per person.


Deluxe Balloon Flight (1.5 hours)
Particularly for people who are keen on photography and topography, the deluxe balloon flights are the best. The biggest differences between a deluxe fflight and standard flight are the duration of the flight and the number of the people in the baskets. By flying 1,5 hours, you will have more time to get the most beautiful views of Cappadocia valleys and towns.Also, there will be maximum 12 people in the basket that you will be able to have more space to turn around and take great shots. The flight will finish around 09:00am which gives you enough time to join daily tours as well. The rate for the deluxe option will be 270 Euro per person with cash payment or 280 Euro per person with credit card payment.