Ihlara Valley

A Valley comprised a critical religious focus amid the principal long periods of the spread of Christianity. The characteristic insurance given by the Ihlara Valley made it a vital base for Christianity. The valley turned into an inside for religious communities from the fourth century on, and housed numerous places of worship enriched with frescoes and depictions. The places of worship of which authors are known are of uncommon significance for established researchers, since it is extremely hard to decide the correct development dates of the houses of worship in this valley. The holy places with a couple of naves cut into rocks, which were based on shut Greek cross designs or free cross designs, are arranging along the two sides of the Melendiz Stream, on the precarious slants of the valley.

On account of its characteristic highlights, the Ihlara Valley was utilized as a place for isolation by recluses and clerics from the fourth century on. Christianity had started to spread among individuals talking distinctive dialects. Low rates of education and the disagreeability of the Latin dialect had made the spread of this religion troublesome. Along these lines, so as to spread Christianity, the life of Jesus Christ, the subjects in the Bible, unmistakable religious figures and the occasions identified with them were delineated on chapel dividers by means of frescoes.

A few Tips: Ihlara valley is around 100 km a long way from Goreme which takes generally around 1,5 hours. There are 4 unique passageways of the valley which are: from Ihlara town, principle entrance, from Belisrma Village and from Selime Village. In the event that you begin from Ihlara Town entrance, it takes you through Purenli Seki, Kokar and Agacalti Churhes and after that goes along with you to the second passageway which is the primary one with a great deal of travelers. On the off chance that you continue strolling from the left path, you can see Sumbullu and Kırkdamaltı Churches lastly reach Belisirma Village where every one of the eateries are found. The separation between the first and second passage is around 4 km and another 3 km to reach Belisirma Village. On the off chance that you continue strolling from Belisirma Village for another 7 km, you will in the long run touch base at Selime Monastery and Village. By demonstrating your passage ticket that you purchased for Ihlara Valley, you can visit the religious community for nothing out of pocket. The most serious issue is to return to your vehicle in the wake of arriving which you can get some assistance from the officers in Selime or you can employ a vehicle + driver that can drop you off in the start of the valley and get you toward the end. The rate for the vehicle + driver will be 100 Euro including the oil.