Kaymakli Underground City

Cappadocia is a favorite of those who are fascinated by history and culture, fascinating visitors with its unique landscape, leading to exciting adventures with mysterious routes! Welcoming domestic foreign tourists in all seasons of the year, the historical and unique natural beauties we are in, tiring, abundant rush, stressful, technological addiction increases the lives of increasing life in Kaymaklı Underground City provides unforgettable days. Generally, Cappadocia, where the first visit is not the only one, where a different beauty can be discovered, raises a great deal of curiosity with its underground cities and provides the most mysterious way to accompany history and past lives. Kaymakli, located in Nevşehir's precious Cappadocia region, has been restored and preserved so far, offering the most adventurous and exciting discovery. It excites, amazes, fascinates visitors by offering a completely different world in the depths of the earth!

In recent times, high technologies such as the present, and the lack of advanced means of defense, wars and forms of protection were completely different. In these battles, underground cities were one of the most important structures that would provide the best protection. For this reason, the 8-storey underground city, which contains about 200 underground cities, provides us with the opportunity to feel the closest centuries of the centuries before the centuries with its gigantic slider stones, syringes and narrow and mysterious corridors. If you have not yet breathed the unique atmosphere of Cappadocia and would like to witness the closest to history, we must say that you have to join the Cappadocia Tours, which are organized by the tourism agencies, and you should leave without wasting more time to discover the hidden riches in our country!

Kaymakli Underground City is a piece of an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1985. The city was opened to guests in 1964 albeit just 4 of the 8 levels are available. The city is masterminded around the ventilation shafts which bring air. The city is visited by more than one million individuals consistently regardless it keeps a few secrets to be dealt with as there is no engravings. A few Tips: If you might want to visit this place without anyone else, you can utilize open transports leaving from Goreme transport station. Right off the bat, you have to reach up to Nevsehir downtown area and change the transport for Kaymakli town. It is 30 km a long way from Goreme town however it will take longer from Nevsehir focus. It will assume control 1 hour to get to the underground city by open transports. It will be same for the visitor who are remaining in Urgup , Avanos Uchisar inns, they have to touch base to Nevsehir downtown area then they have to discover the transports for the town.