Pasabag Fairy Chimneys

Pasabag Valley which was once in the past known as "The Monks Valley" is situated on the directly of the Goreme-Avanos street. This zone which is loaded with exceptional pixie smokestacks looks surprising. A portion of the multi-bodied and multi-headed pixie fireplaces were cut to develop sanctuaries and sitting zones. In one of the three-headed pixie fireplaces, a house of prayer and a segregation room committed to St. Simeon was cut. Passage of the stylite which is open with a restricted smokestack is embellished with crosses. There are stove, sitting and resting quarters and window gaps to guarantee light transmission in this pixie smokestack.

The pixie smokestacks in Pasabag are the most well known ones in Cappadocia locale and is the main precedents in an enormous number on the planet. We are utilizing the photos of Pasabag Valley in the promotion of Turkey all around the globe also.

Pasabag Fairy Chimneys are situated among Cavusin and Avanos towns and there are nearby transports on consistently from Goreme that takes you until the intersection. At that point, you should stroll around 20 minutes to get to the pixie stacks. It is prescribed to go there before it gets excessively hot as the stone developments mirror the daylight toward the evening. The best time to go there infact is the nightfall time.