Red & Rose Valleys

Red and Rose Valleys are the most fascinating valleys in Cappadocia and it is highly recommended to hike through these valleys. The valleys are joined, so it is difficult to know on which one you are walking. Red Valley is a gigantic valley beginning from the Panorama point in Ortahisar Village and closure in Cavusin Village. While you are hiking through the valley, you will see a lot of living quarters, vineyards, apricot and almond trees.
There are so many different hiking trails in these valleys that can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 4 hours. The longest trail is the best for seeing the wineyards, living quarters and visiting some churches. The first church in the valley is called as Grape church from 09th century with some paintings that could not survive in full.

The second and the most amazing church with regards to the valley is Kolonlu (Columned) Church. This church is entered through a pigeon house and a passage behind it. The Romans controlled the district in 17AD and constrained everybody to pray in Pagan religioın. Until the end of 01st century, there has been a great increase in the number of Christians in the area and these people has to hide from the soldiers to pray their own religion. This church belongs to that early ages of Christianity in Cappadocia.

After this church, you will move to Rose Valley and continue hiking through Rose Valley. Another church on the way is called as 3 Hacli (3 Crosses) Church. This church is incredibly enormous and has 3 distinctive immense crosses carved on the roofs.After this church, you go out from the valley and arrive at Cavusin Village.