Selime Monastery

Selime Monastery is without a doubt one of the most interesting places to see in Cappadocia region located at the end of Ihlara Valley. With a possible accommodation place to 5000 people at one time, it is accepted as the biggest monastery in Cappadocia. The carving of this monastery is thoughts to be between 6th and 9th centuries. . It is the greatest cloister in Cappadocia district with a house of prayer estimate church. It is believed that it assumed control 200 years to shape this tremendous religious community and it is going back to 08th or 09th century. The monastery has been converted into a caravanserai after 11th century and has been actively used until 16th century. After 16th century, nobody really used it, so it became an abandoned village.

Selime Monastery has a very big kitchen with a nice chimney, a water well, a missionary school, lots of storages and living quarters, a church, a chapel and the cathedral. The cathedral is the most important and amazing place in the monastery. The cathedral has two rows of big columns, dividing the church into 3 sections. There used to have a lots of paintings in the cathedral, but most of them are unfortunately damaged due to vandalism and smoke.