Selime Monastery

Selime Monastery is without a doubt a standout amongst the most surprising spots to visit in Cappadocia locale in view of its size. It is the greatest cloister in Cappadocia district with a house of prayer estimate church. It is believed that it assumed control 200 years to shape this tremendous religious community and it is going back to 08th or 09th century. The religious community could house around 5000 individuals in the meantime. The religious community was changed over into a caravanserai after eleventh century and it has loads of stable areas for the camels.

The caravanserais were the lodgings on Silk Trade Road where both the dealers and their creatures could remain together with no charges for 3 days. This framework was begun by Seljuk Empire to enhance the exchange Turkey and Silk Road was effectively utilized until the point that the Great Explorations have allowed the chance to go through the seas in substantially less time. Selime Monastery was deserted after sixteenth century and no one utilized the cloister aside from the shepherds and offspring of the town who tragically gave the greatest harm to the religious community.

Selime Monastery has a major kitchen with a decent fireplace, a water well, a teacher school, loads of stockpiles and living quarters, a congregation, a sanctuary and the church building. The church building is the most critical and stunning spot in the religious community. The house of prayer has two lines of enormous segments, partitioning the congregation into 3 segments. There used to have a heaps of artistic creations in the church, yet a large portion of them are lamentably harmed because of vandalism and smoke.