Soganlı Valley

Soganli Valley is probably one of the most interesting valleys in Cappadocia, but as it is far from the main tourist destinations, it is not visited too much. The valley has a V-shape separated into 2 parts. The valley and the village inside were actively inhabited since the Roman period and a lot of churches & monasteries were built. Some of the churches are still in good condition and it has really interesting paintings that you are not able to see anywhere else in Cappadocia.

The Karabas Church is situated on the right side of the valley and it is the best preserved church there. The church dates back to 6th century originally, but the paintings that you see in these days are from 14th century. Another special thing about this church is that the paintings are oil paintings. The scenes in the church are: : Deesis, Annuncition, Nativity, Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, Transfiguration, Missions of the messengers, Crucifixion, Anastasis, Ascension and representations of Saints.
Snake church is located close to Karabas Church and it is one of the most interesting churches in entire Cappadocia region. The church is also called as Saint George Church, because there is a depiction of Saint George while he is slaying the dragon. The church also has a painting that is unique in the world called as Mature Jesus. Even though it is not possible to see Jesus when he is an old man, the local people thought that he will be an old man on the Last Judgement Day. The church also has some other frescoes depicting the next life.

Kubbeli Church is on the opposite side of Karabas Church and you can reach the church after a 10-minute walk starting from the Snake Church. The church has a rock-shaped dome which is making it very spacial and unique in Cappadocia. Scenes (in a quite destroyed form): On the main apse Prophetic Vision; on the side apse Deesis, on the vault Massacre of the Innocents, Pursuit of Elizabeth, Annunciation, Visitation, Proof of the Virginity, Adoration of the Magi, Flight into Egypt, Presentation in the Temple, Killing of Zacharias,Calling of John, John meeting Christ, Preaching of John, Baptism, Christ and Zacharias, Marrige at Cana, Miracle of the Wine, Jesus and the Samaritan Woman, Entry into Jerusalem, Healing of the Nobleman's Daughter and portraits of the saints.

Tahtali Church is located at the other end of the valley and it is one of the nicest examples in the valley. Even though the church is quite small, the paintings are quite intact. Scenes : On the apse Prophetic Vision, on the vault Deesis, Annunciation, Visitation, Proof of the Virgin, Journey to Bethlehem, Nativity, Anastasis, Seven Sleepers and pictures of the holy people.