Uchisar Castle

Although the volcanoes seem to be a frightening and dangerous formation when first heard, it has created a unique and fascinating place such as Cappadocia. Cappadocia, which dates back to 60 million years ago, has become this due to the winds and rain caused by the lava and ashes that Erciyes, Güllüdağ and Hasan Mountain had sprayed. One of the most beautiful examples of this is Uchisar Castle.

Uchisar Castle is the highest peak in Cappadocia region except the volcanoes and the most prominent land formation. It is thought that it was a big fairy chimney once and head-part had fallen off and the rest became a natural fortress. A climb up the 120 steps to the summit of the fortress is a logical introduction to the rocky scapes of Cappadocia. Starting from the 1st century, Romans, Byzantines, Selcuks and Ottomans took advantage of the natural elevation of three of the area's rock formations and used them as natural fortresses.

The Uchisar Castle and the town is about 4 km far from Goreme town and you can go there by using local transportation that departs on every 30 minutes. The best time to go to the castle is the sunset time as you can see a breathtaking view of Cappadocia and amazing sunset together